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August 23, 2011

Video: Thai Crispy Duck Salad

This recipe is so popular that it deserves a video.

August 11, 2011

Video: How to Butcher a Duck

Just in case you didn’t know how…

All the credit for this goes to Chryse Heckman, who shot, edited and directed it.

August 27, 2010

This Weeks Recipes From Around the Web

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I try to support my fellow food bloggers by trying out their recipes! This week I made three things from the web with varying degrees of success.

I came across this beautiful duck at the farmers market and had to take it home with me. Aside from the visceral ‘I must have you moment’ I was out of duck fat as well as stock. And let’s be honest, I like roasting things. Some people like grilling, I like roasting. Roasting a duck can sometimes be problematic, it’s hard to get all the fat to render and depending on the breast to leg ratio it can be hard not to over cook the breast or under cook the legs. I have had more successes than not, but this time I placed myself in the hands of kathyvegas’ from Las Vegas Food Adventures I got to her through foodbuzz.

The only deviation that I did from her recipe was to stuff the duck with a lemon and a couple of shallots I had lying around, I did this to give the drippings a little more flavor as well as to protect my bird from drying out. This recipe gave me nice tasty, slightly salty, crispy skin and very moist meat. Nearly all the fat rendered off the bird during the cooking process, which made me ecstatic, I let the fat cool and then froze it in Ziploc freezer bags in 1/2 cup portions.. I also got nice color on the bird, which partially came from the honey, soy, 5 spice mixture I basted the bird with the last 30 minutes of cooking. Thank you kathyvegas!

What goes with Roast Duck better than duck fat roasted potatoes? Nothing. Need I say more? This was also a recipe from kathyvegas. These were crisp, salty and savory on the outside while remaining creamy on the inside. I love how little duck fat you need to use to get that crispy vs creamy loveliness.  I will say they were super delicious even cold. I immediately wanted to make a second batch, but I didn’t for waist reasons and, more honestly, because I didn’t have more potatoes. I have mentioned my gluttony before, I”m working on it. Really. Some days.

I don’t eat a lot of sweets, because I’d rather eat fat, see above, and I rarely cook them. But I did get a hankering for a honey cake; I had in my mind the moist sticky texture of some of the Middle Eastern recipes, honey, pistachios, cardamom, a single layer of super moist to the point of dripping cake danced through my imaginary palate. I also had a friend’s birthday to go to, so I figured if the recipe came out well, then I would bring it to him, and if not he would just have to be happy with my effervescent personality. So I fired up the search engine, started reading and this is the recipe that I settled on: Honey Almond Caramel Cake. This is on PamieB’s website My Man’s Belly.

The cake was tasty, but my caramel came out gelatinous in texture. The color of my cake was not surprisingly darker than hers, because I used dark all natural brown sugar as well as a pretty dark honey.

I used cashews instead of almonds because I happened to have cashews in the house. My results were definitely not birthday worthy even though I enjoyed them.  I would however probably not make this again, but in all fairness other than chocolate mousse, blueberry pie and cheesecake, all desserts hate me and love to wreak havok in my kitchen and on my culinary ego.

Want me to cook something? Just let me know, I’ll eat nearly anything!

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