Japan, An Irradiated Food Supply

Like anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock I have been closely following events in Japan, with a particular eye on the effects of both the tsunami and the nuclear disasters on Japan’s food supply. I find the downplaying of the presence of radiation in Japans milk, vegetables and now tap water absolutely abhorrent, bordering on criminal. In this first video the expert tells us that radiation is everywhere, and if you go looking for it you will find it. Certainly, this is true, radiation bombards us everyday from the sun and depending on how close we are to it also depends on the amount of sunscreen we need to apply to stop our skin from literally burning, blistering and peeling from our bodies. If our skin is not properly protected from the supposedly benign sun radiation cancer can develop. So, you’ll excuse me if I don’t find the sun radiation comparison comforting.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You will also excuse me if I find headlines like this one, Plume of Radiation moving Towards California Is Not Dangerous, patently ridiculous. Or this one; Obama: Japan’s radiation won’t reach the US. Because here’s the thing, just like with the oysters, we actually live on one planet, Earth, the only one we have and it is part of one huge weather system that affects every single person in one way or another. What is happening to Japan will effect us all whether we choose to perceive that reality or not. At least this  second video does not down play the seriousness or the scariness of what is happening to Japan’s food supply right now.


2 Comments to “Japan, An Irradiated Food Supply”

  1. This is so true. I’m freaked out when I hear about rainwater testing positive for radiation. Who are we kidding?

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