Taco Bell Shut the F&%K UP!

The Beasley Allen law firm of Montgomery Alabama (my new heros of the moment) filed a law suit against Taco Bell in California last month when independent testing found that the ‘beef’ filling in taco bell products was only 35% percent beef and as such could not be labeled/called/advertised as beef. Typically, Taco Bell has been fighting back in the media. Their newest weapon in their media blitz is the commercial below.

Interestingly enough back in 2007 Taco Bell faced a PR nightmare when a TV news camera crew shot a piece showing the rat infestation in one of the Taco Bell/ KFC venues in New York City. I happened to be working right next door at the cafe in the IFC Center, and I can tell you that restaurant, and I use the term loosely, was one nasty joint. The windows were thick with grease, the floor a nice shade of gray from being mopped with dirty mops and the smell was an odd mixture of rotten food and ammonia. It always shocked me that with so many places to get cheap food in NYC that a Taco Bell/ KFC could even survive right in the heart of the West Village.

In the video below of that infestation not only do I love just how fearless the rats are, running around in the open, climbing on high chairs while being gawked at by now ‘outraged’ New Yorkers, all but waving at their fans. I especially love that the staff showed up for their lunch shift, pushed through the crowd and starting to set up. Now that’s ballsy.

The cherry on this dung sundae? The year before in 2006, Taco Bell had an E. Coli break out that sickened at least 70 people. The most shocking thing about that is I can’t believe that they haven’t poisoned even more people given that Taco Bells claims to serve more than 36.8 MILLION customers a week in almost 5,600 U.S restaurants. That’s a lot of tacos.


One Comment to “Taco Bell Shut the F&%K UP!”

  1. Unbelievable, had to share…Frightening actually!

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