Tax Fat

The insidious and despicable thing about this commercial, aside from the obvious, is that it is couched as if the message is coming from an actual consumer group as opposed to being a marketing campaign created by Goddard Claussen Public Affairs for the American Beverage Association (ABA), “the national voice for the non-alcoholic refreshment beverage industry.” This practice which is common place should not be legal. Sure, people shouldn’t watch commercials and think that they are getting real information, they are advertisements after all, but creating fake consumer concern groups is beyond the pale and quite indicative of how much making money is more important than health in our society.

On the flip side is there really anyone left in the whole country that doesn’t understand that drinking soda makes you fat? It makes far more sense to pay high taxes on luxury items, especially ones that we know are bad for us like booze, cigarettes and soda then on fresh foods. The idea being that luxury items aren’t supposed to be consumed often and when you tax those items only the people consuming them pay, which seems absolutely fair. Read the whole story by Daniel Fromson over at The Atlantic.


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