Grilled and Braised Raccoon. Not Kidding

In a shocking article the LA Times reported that poll respondents believe that childhood obesity is a ‘very serious’ problem. Well, California maybe you could give Jamie Oliver a hand since he was banned from filming in LA schools two weeks after the second season of Food Revolution started filming. I mean that is the whole point of the show afterall. On the other hand, currently the United States has been toppled from its long held first place standing of being the fattest country. This by no means we are getting less fat, it only means that other countries are catching up. It turns out Kuwait is giving us a run for the money, well, I guess no running in this case, I mean clearly not.

Yesterday it was squirrels today it’s raccoons and not just any raccoons but road kill raccoons. There is a lot of vermin killing and eating going on recently, which I am all for, I mean talk about sustainable. Honestly, the meat off of these furry critters is probably largely organic, more chemically free and certainly fresher than meat you can buy at large grocery stores. Chew on that.


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