Food News Nutshell

I have been quite remiss in my blogging duties and I apologize though I am pretty sure that this time of year goes a little nuts for everyone.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act passed the Senate this week. This bill will allow the FDA more power to oversee an increasingly global food supply. And as if created just for those naysayers getting ready to squawk about government interference, Whole Foods accidentally highlighted the necessity of these kinds of measures when it had not one but two recalls, one for nutmeg contaminated with salmonella and the other was technically a recall from Bravo Farms whose cheddar is sold under the Whole Foods brand with both Listeria and E.Coli rearing their ugly heads.  I have to say I’m surprised that nutmeg can even get contaminated, which is of course the point, it’s the processing that is becoming increasingly dangerous.  I am caught between my knee jerk reactionary response which is laden with doubt that the FDA will actually implement any real change and an absolute hope that they will due to an increasing personal fear of the American food supply that is gaining a tighter grip on my soul with every recall.

If you are curious about the location and types of factory meat farms in this country Food & Water Watch dropped this amazing tool into my email that allows you to search not only by state but also by county and by type of animal. Click through and play around, I did for much longer than I would like to admit.

China has now taken a distinct lead in the green energy race. I have fantasies that this race will help inspire the American innovation that we have been so famous for in the past. To be fair, innovation isn’t the only problem it is unsurprisingly certain people (I use the word loosely) that are making things very tough. Brad Johnson wrote a great article for Grist and Wonk Room outlining how American innovation is being blocked in part by such geniuses as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. And yes, I think this does fall into the food news category because obviously the cleaner the planet the cleaner our food.

Canadians sure do like to genetically modify our foods. On a purely geeked out science level I can completely understand why this would be an exciting field to be a part of, creating new forms of life. A Canadian bio-tech firm has created an apple that does not brown after it has been cut and is now petitioning the USDA for approval. I’m curious as to why we need apples that don’t brown. And again I raise the basic flag of what will happen to the natural apple supply when it gets contaminated by the non-browning supply. I am now taking this moment to put this out there in the universe; Please stop fucking with our food on a genetic level people, it really doesn’t seem to be helping us that much and is it at all possible to clean up our current food supply before we make new ones?

To end on a positive note, there are several herbs that you can still grow inside during the winter. This is especially great news for those of us that live in cities this list is from and Huffington Post has a great slide show along with growing tips. So, if you see any of these looking for a home at a market somewhere pick up basil, bay, chervil, chives, oregano, parsley, rosemary( which I kill routinely), sage, tarragon and thyme for the best results.


2 Comments to “Food News Nutshell”

  1. I saw the slide show on Huffington Post and enjoyed… I hate to think that the FDA needs more control, but maybe if we work on them…?
    Excellent article as always!

    • I hate to think it too, but I hate to think more about what would happen without them, especially after they just busted people for trying to smuggle in millions of dollars worth of honey from china that was tainted with antibiotics.

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