Good News About Frankenfish!

It is easy to get frustrated and forget that doing simple things like signing petitions can in fact be a proactive way of letting officials know your individual opinion on a particular issue. I woke up to a wonderful email from the food&water watch expressing their thanks for several positive changes that were influenced by petition signers these past few months. In that email was this paragraph that I thought begged sharing especially during this Thanksgiving week, and because I have been harping on this issue.

“Over the past two months, with your help we’ve delivered over 70,000 letters to the FDA asking them to halt their approval of GE salmon. We’ve also put pressure on members of Congress, and just last week we held press events across the country to stop GE salmon. Within 24 hours of our California event, Senator Barbara Boxer wrote a strong letter to the FDA asking them to halt their approval of this frankenfish, and a bill was introduced in the US Senate that would ban GE fish.”

Nice. So, thank you to everyone who clicked through to sign previous petitions!


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