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It’s a good thing that I’m not a huge egg eater because shockingly yet another DeCoster company has had a massive recall of 288,000 eggs. I guess that slap on the wrist in the form of a real stern letter that Jack DeCoster got from the FDA about the last outbreak has really affected how his companies do business. I now feel the same way about industrial eggs in this country that I do about industrial beef, it’s Russian roulette. The 4-6 dollars I pay for farmer’s market eggs, or 50 cents an egg in a delicious dinner omelet now seems like a bargain. On a side note, DeCoster companies also produce industrial pigs, want a side of Trichinosis with that chop?

Dominos Pizza in an effort to make its crappy pizza less crappy has redesigned it to have 40% more cheese. We all know that fat tastes good, but honestly I don’t think there is enough fat in the world to turn a Dominos pizza into a pleasurable eating experience. Furthermore, Dominos had the support of the, wait for it, useless and toothless USDA in the redesigning of their pizza, because apparently the USDA wants to peddle dairy while ‘fighting obesity.’ It’s kind of like staging an intervention while doing shots of Jack Daniels.

For all of you who missed this news tidbit, Anthony Ward bought 1 billion dollars worth of Cocoa beans (about 7% of the worlds supply) with the express purpose of hoarding them to drive the price of chocolate up. This isn’t the first time, eight years ago he bought 200,000 tons and made 60 million dollars. His current pile of cocoa beans stored in warehouses spread throughout Europe is enough to manufacture 5.3 BILLION quarter pound chocolate bars and is the equivalent of the entire supply of the commodity in Europe.

Due to the raised prices of chocolate, less cocoa is actually being used to make chocolate, yet we are paying more in some cases. Keep an eye out for these phrases on your candy bar wrappers including the ones from Hershey’s; imitation chocolate, chocolatey, made with chocolate, chocolate candy, and chocolate flavoring. Hershey’s has already removed the cocoa butter from many of their products replacing it with vegetable oil. It can’t be called milk chocolate if there is no cocoa butter in the product.  Not for nothing, if I’m going to splurge and eat chocolate it better be the real thing. You can click-through above to the video or watch it via vodpod from the right sidebar.

Jaime Oliver wanted to go to a school district in L.A. to film his second season of Food Revolution and they turned him down, because clearly L.A. is in denial of the existence of not only fat people but fat children.

I never thought to grill a turkey, but after reading Not Your Grandmother’s Thanksgiving Turkey I am dying to give it a shot. Depending on weather of course. And whether I can do a little convincing. I’ll keep you posted.


One Comment to “The Food News”

  1. Wonderful read as always…I actually stopped my fast forward on the dvr to see that Domino’s commercial they have out now… frightening and funny…
    I agree with you about the chocolate…if I am going to eat it, and I do love it, it better be good!

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