From The Mouth of Babes

I haven’t be able to write any snarky food show reviews because the only show that I’ve been able to watch with any regularity these days is The Next Iron Chef which is a show that I happen to love. I’ve even come over to the dark side of enjoying the ridiculous theatrics of dry ice and the bizarre personas of Alton Brown playing a slightly different version of himself and Mark Dacascos playing a bizarre stylized character based on the previous host. And unlike on Iron Chef America, I can’t complain about the judges on the show as that they are in general very qualified. Further more, the food produced on the show is nothing short of amazing, even the ‘losers’ food is probably delicious as well.

What I love about Slashfood’s interview above with Marco Canora is that he clears up a few questions that I had. Whispered in my ear from other people in the business was the information that the chefs on Iron Chef America are given a short list of three possible ingredients ahead of time so they can plan their angle of attack with their sous chefs. Marco Canora clears up the question about how real the hour they are given to cook is as well as to whether or not the chefs know ahead of time what the ‘secret’ ingredient is going to be. He also does some very classy dishing about Donatella Arpaia, who let’s be honest is begging in so many ways to be served up as a gossip aperitif. I must confess that I see Marco Canora at the Union Square Farmer’s Market often and his restaurant Hearth is right down the street from where I live and everytime I see him I find myself a little star struck as in I want to open my mouth and say something cool like, “I just want you to know that I really enjoy what you do with food.” or “Thank you for opening up Hearth and it’s sister wine bar Terrior, they were both much needed and are equally appreciated.” What happens instead is that my mouth opens, my heart races and I squeak. Classy, real classy.


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