Good Food News + Fanta

Crabs got bad news yesterday, finding out that they are now be offered live from vending machines in China, but chickens got the good news that they will be even more gently guided to deaths door by Bell and Evans and Mary’s Chickens. Both of these companies have decided to implement a gassing system that puts the birds to sleep before they are slaughtered. There is no arguing with Professor Temple Grandin’s observation that, “Birds don’t like to being hung upside down. They get really stressed out by that.” What I did find interesting is that though this can really only be construed as a positive development, what both companies are facing is the inability to really capitalize on this pretty pricey option because most people don’t know nor want to think about where their meat comes from thus making humane killing a hard sell. Yet, I am positive that as soon as April yet another string of adjectives will come attached to chicken packaging. Gassed into the hereafter perhaps, or peacefully ascended or handheld to heaven.

I’ve mentioned food deserts before, areas in which there are no grocery stores or access to fresh foods, Detroit being the largest and starkest example, but some food deserts are closer to home, as close as Newark, New Jersey. In the good food news, this desert got a little rain this week. It is extremely refreshing to see politicians take a positive stand and push for real change on fundamental issues like food.

When reading about the new book The Coke Machine: The Dirty Truth Behind the World’s Favorite Soft Drink by Michael Blanding I came across this amazing food fact and I have been sitting on it for almost a week trying to hatch it into something larger.  I can’t stand it anymore so even though this related to not one single item that I have talked about all week here it is: Fanta was created during the second world war when the Third Reich ran out of Coca-Cola syrup and began using grapefruit syrup instead. It is the same Fanta that is drunk today. This company has a long history of using a portion of their profits to produce some of the weirdest commercials out there, even weirder than the Mentos ones, I particularly remember the ones that were played in movie theaters before the show like this one:

But these two below are weird enough to merit sharing.

Last but not least:


2 Comments to “Good Food News + Fanta”

  1. Crab in vending machines??? Those videos are too funny!

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