McDonald’s is Ageless

Sally Davies an artist out of New York went out one day a bought a happy meal with the intention of of taking a series of pictures demonstrating what happens as food ages. She ran into a serious problem for the original intent of her project, the happy meal 6 months later (click for slide show) still has no appearance of aging, with the exception of some shrinkage. There are no signs of decay on anything, not the meat, bun or fries, after all there has to be something actually organic in a product to rot. Sally Davies has been quoted as saying, “And now, at 6 months old, the food is plastic to the touch and has an acrylic sheen to it.” Acrylic sheen meaning plastic. A food product is defined as a substance that can be used or prepared for use as food. Read here: created in labs and made to resemble things that we would eat. Such as the ‘burger’ in the above slide show. If the above food product does not have enough organic material to rot, how much nutrition can a human being possibly get from eating it, and why are we happily feeding it to our children and what on earth is it actually made of?

McDonald’s spokeswoman Danya Proud responded with this when asked if McDonald’s food is in fact not biodegradable.

“This is nothing more than an outlandish claim and is completely false.”


I’d like to respond with these clichés: The proof is the pudding and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Anyone else have a cliché to add?


One Comment to “McDonald’s is Ageless”

  1. I guess the one on the right is 12 years old.

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