There is no Escaping Fast Food

McDonald’s and Zynga got together and created a farm on FarmVille for just one day in a marketing blitz for new customers. For those of you who didn’t get to visit the McDonald’s farm yesterday that boasted not only a McDonald’s on the grounds but also a McCafe, I have thoughtfully included a video for your viewing pleasure. Laughably, there was also what looked like a farmers market and of course a large planted field with the McDonald’s logo in the center. This is as close to a farm as McDonald’s food is every likely to get. It’s bad enough to try to battle McDonald’s in the real world but to battle it virtually was at first aggravating and then later depressing. What the player got for ‘helping’ out on the McDonald’s farm was a McCafe that once drunk your character zipped around twice as fast just like IRL! Great, McDonald’s manages to sugar and caffeine up the populace even virtually. I understand that Zynga has to make money, and they do seem to support a number of good causes, Haiti being the companies focus, but honestly I find it hypocritical that a company that wraps itself in a socially relevant gaming banner, no matter how lightly, allowed McDonald’s to advertise in-game. Brilliant marketing move for sure, but seriously, for shame.


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