Good Food News

rbGH cow milk was ruled compositionally ‘different’ by the Federal Court, read a headline over at Sustainable Foods. This is significant because the biggest block to regulation and the current anemic labeling of cow milk, which has to have the disclaimer, “the FDA has determined that no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-supplemented and non-rbST supplemented cows,” has been removed. The courts sited reasons why the milk does differ, these two being the stand outs: Increased levels of the hormone IGF-1 and increased somatic cell counts (pus). Yay, for those of us to prefer no hormones in our milk. Go over to Civil Eats to read the exact language of the court’s ruling.

It’s getting hardcore out there in the food world with China promising executions for food safety violators and PSA’s like this one which compares feeding junk food to children with shooting them up with heroin. I found this over at UmBRELLA and though the imagery is disturbing, it is not entirely inaccurate.

Our neighbors up north in Canada made some television ads singing the praises of broccoli to prove that television ads are still an effective marketing tool.  Eater reported that these ads, though created for entirely a different reason, caused broccoli sales to go up 8%, which is both amazing and weird, but not as weird as the ads themselves.

And because I couldn’t choose which was weirdest…

Overall, I think this is great news for the often misunderstood broccoli.


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