Good Food News Extra! Making a Difference One Kid at a Time

I don’t know how I missed this at the end of last week. In addition to my three inspirational people of the week, I must also include 11-year-old Birke Baehr. Tom Laskawy over at grist put this clip up of Birke addressing an audience at TEDxNextGenerationAsheville, which is a conference of teenagers (the next generation of thinkers, artists, social activists and entrepreneurs)  that are inspiring positive change. Birke Baehr’s topic was our food system, what is wrong with it and how we can change it. If this 11-year-old can address these, what we adults like to call “sticky” issues this clearly, then it gives me hope that all of us already advocating change for our food environment are making headway, especially with the generation behind us. I will personally play this clip every time I think that the endeavor to change our food system is beyond my reach.  Thank you to all the adults in this bright young teens life who helped facilitate this presentation.


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