Good Food News

Or at least let me entertain you.

Colin McCrate and Brad Helm of the Seattle Urban Farm Company,  are my two of my inspirational people of the week. Their company installs ready-to-go vegetable gardens in any yard spreading the word of urban agriculture one green patch at time.

The third inspirational person is pint sized Maddy Cerra. This truly amazing four year-old has helped raised awareness about endangered orangutans by carrying with her laminated pictures helping to spread the word about some of the results of deforestation due to the process of palm oil production.  This ties nicely into an article from HuffPost Green stating that in an unusual reversal of policy General Mills announced that they would no longer purchase palm oil from companies accused of rainforest deforestation. I find the word accused interesting in that sentence.

This clip says all I have to say today about the Genetically Engineered Salmon.

And this one draws the conclusion most succinctly.

Let me nutshell this clip of eggate for you. If you are an old white guy who is getting reamed by a bunch of pissed off politicians stick with the classics and invoke the 5th. Snarky aside, this clip is pretty disturbing. Yet, Mr. Stupak of Michigan and Mr. Waxman of California were surprisingly aggressive bordering on actually irate which was a great thing to see.

– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

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