Team Nom Nom Wins A Truck Stop, But Loses The Race

In the final episode of the 6 show season of The Great Food Truck Race, Team Grill ‘Em All and Team Nom Nom roll into New York City. For as many people are there always are on the streets of this overly stuffed city you would think that this would just be a speed race selling as much as possible as quickly as possible. But food trucks and street food are not exactly new ideas here in New York and the residents are just not as curious or impressed as they have been in other places, it being a city full of corner hotdog stands, fruit stands, pretzel and Halal carts. Both teams found themselves struggling more than they thought they would to get customers to actually stop and buy their food.

As a twist each team had to sell 500 dollars in each borough before they could move on to sell in Manhattan where they had to sell 1000 dollars. The team first the 1000 dollar mark then was to race to the top of the Flatiron building where Tyler Florence was waiting with either an envelope containing 50,000 dollars or an envelope containing nothing.

Team Nom Nom struggles from the beginning, parking themselves in front of Yankee stadium as a game is letting out. The problem with that idea as Team Nom Nom quickly realizes is that everyone leaving the stadium is already stuffed from eating during the game. Team Nom Nom falls quickly a borough behind Team Grill ‘Em All, and even takes TeamvGrill ‘Em All’s spot near Stan’s in the Bronx when the Grill ‘Em All truck drives off to Queens.

Team Grill ‘Em All is feeling pretty good and then the truck stop (challenge) comes. Each team has to make the other teams product to be tasted and judged by Nate Appleman of Pulino’s. While assembling their Banh Mi, Team Grill ‘Em All experiences a moment of clarity stating the reason that Team Nom Nom has been dominating is that their sandwich is so easy, because apparently a burger on the other hand is a far more complicated feat of culinary skill. Team Nom Nom creates an asian flavored burger and Nate Appleman declares that he likes the fact that Team Nom Nom went a little outside of the box with their burger and that Grill ‘Em All’s Banh Mi though good, was greasy.

Team Nom Nom wins the truck stop for the first time and the 500 dollars that they won for their till allows them to skip their last borough of Staten Island and start selling in Manhattan at the same time as Grill ‘Em All. Both trucks park near Union Square and the Flatiron building (to be closer to their last sprint) at which point it does become a speed race of selling as much as possible as quickly as possible. After lots of shots of Team Grill ‘Em All racing to the top of the Flatiron building they arrive at the top to see only Tyler Florence and even though they think they have won, it does occur to them that Team Nom Nom may have already been there and the envelope that Tyler is handing to them might be empty. But no, it isn’t and Grill ‘Em All wins 50,000 dollars and the Great Food Truck Race.


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