The Good Food News

LA Times

Consumers have so turned away from products containing HFCS that the corn industry is now relabeling it as “corn sugar.” The good news is that this is a great example of how consumer demand can and does shape the market. As for “corn sugar” that label may take two years to hit products, knowledge is power wield at will.

Depave is great organization out of my college town Portland, Oregon who with all the right permits in all the right places tears up concrete in unused parking lots and the like to set the dirt free, thus creating the possibility for more green spaces. 

Some of you may have already noticed that Whole Foods is labeling and rating their fish at the counter using the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch sustainability rating. This is without a doubt a huge step in the right direction. I would however, be even happier if Whole Foods were to go one step further and not sell the red labeled avoid fish at all, starting now, not in 2013 when they say they will. They are also beginning a transparency policy with their meats, labeling the farms that they come from.

Thank you Rick Moonen, who is not only an extremely acclaimed chef but for the last 20 years has been a huge advocate for the sustainable seafood movement for being vocally against genetically engineered salmon.

The French are getting fat, but they are still half as fat as we are in the United States. And this short Anti-McDonalds video which I already posted on my Facebook page seems well placed here.

In China there is the Jingpeng Plant Factory that grows vegetables without soil and sunlight, using a liquid solution and LED lighting instead. The article and the video both state that even though the LED lighting is ten times more expensive to install it still saves energy in the long run. At it’s core, this system is essentially a hydroponic set up, the massive scale and potential capacity to contribute as another source of contamination free vegetables for urban China is noteworthy.

Speaking of China, this headline forced several rereads on my part: China Vows Executions For Food Safety Crimes In New Crackdown. That’s one way to do it, and I’d be lying if I said that the idea hadn’t crossed my mind.

To end on a fully positive note, watch this video which made me feel warm and fuzzy by Liza de Guia over at food curated about the Kjarval family in upstate New York who are part of a growing grass-fed movement.


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