Humans Aren’t The Only Animal Blessed With A Gourmet Palate

Love organic, all natural gourmet food? You aren’t the only one, so do the four-legged, furry loves in our lives and why wouldn’t they? I

He's going to phone in the order ANY second.

am convinced that my sous chef is smarter than me at least twice a day.  Luckily for them and for us pet owner there are there a plethora of websites with recipes for homemade cat and dog food.

All Recipes isn’t just for people as it turns out  and Health Recipes rightfully thinks that healthy foods should apply to the canines and felines as well.

If you choose, or your pet chooses for you, to remain with purchased pet food there are several great websites rating pet food to cross check. Natura and Natural News are two good ones to start with.

The gourmet train doesn’t stop there; it chugs right on in to the food blogosphere where there are food blogs dedicated only to pet foods. Doggy Dessert Chef is my personal favorite because even though the writer professes not to be a very good cook for people, I find that almost unimaginable given that her site is full of amazing pictures of mouth-watering treats like: Chicken Pot Pie Biscuits and Parmesan Twists.  Then there is Recipes 4 Gourmet Dogs. As well as Dog Treat Kitchen. And to keep things balanced so that the afore-mentioned sous chef does not get upset, Cat-Recipes and Our Happy Cat which is not only a great source for food recipes but for all things kitty.

Worried about the political state of the pet world?  No need you can go to pet connection for a quick low down.  Need daily dose of four-legged pet cuteness to pair with the political lowdown, hit up dogster and catster.


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