Good Food News Extra! Stop Genetically Engineered Salmon Two Ways

Chinook salmon

Protect Our Wild Salmon

The FDA is still expected to approve genetically engineered salmon even though the scientific studies behind it are shoddy at best and more like patently ridiculous. The scientific parlor tricks include tiny testing sample sizes, like 6 fish instead of 30, pulling the ‘deformed’ fish from test samples hence making them no longer random samples, and setting the test level for the growth hormone so high that of course it won’t register as harmful.

Let’s not kid ourselves the FDA is going to approve this for their food industry friends unless something dramatic happens like the President intervening. Here are two things that you can do, do one, do both, but don’t let this fish come to our food landscape having done nothing.

On the 21st of September there will be a meeting that covers the labeling of the fish. To send written comments to the FDA expressing your opinion about how the fish should be labeled  click here and/or you can also click here to sign a petition to President Obama urging him to stop the approval process of genetically engineered salmon.

For more detailed scientific information read Jill Richardson’s article at Civil Eats and/or Tom Laskawy’s article at grist.

Knowledge is power, wield at will.


One Comment to “Good Food News Extra! Stop Genetically Engineered Salmon Two Ways”

  1. A really important post. I will be spreading the word.

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