Aarti Party

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I’ll admit that Aarti Sequeira was my favorite contestant on the Next Food Network Star. I thought she was most natural in front of the camera and   I loved that her food repeatedly managed to impress some very refined palates. On her new show Aarti does a truly amazing job of cooking and talking, which is an underestimated skill set.  Trying to watch someone who lacks this is not only aggravating, but will cause me to turn off the TV and I’m addicted to cooking shows. She really only over-repeated herself this week when describing the chocolate and ginger pudding pie she was making. She kept referring to it as cool or cooling and then refreshing, stressing the point that after eating a large heavy mango barbecued pulled pork sandwich what you really need to cool things down is a nice cool refreshing piece of chocolate ginger pie. She might be right about the temperature, but chocolate is not one of those things that I think of to cool or refresh my palate. The stories that she told were funny while remaining light and didn’t seem overly forced which all lent itself to the feeling that you were getting know her, which is great. Especially, if I was watching the show to mimic actually hanging out with a real person.

The part of Aarti that I did miss while watching her show was the Indian cook in her. I understand that her show is a bridge between American and Indian flavors, but I was hoping for more than lime juice, a touch of cumin and peanuts added to an otherwise pedestrian green cabbage and granny smith salad. Spinning candied ginger as non-American is a bit of a stretch these days and homemade or not, chocolate pudding pie over a crust made from store-bought cookies is well, blah. Her mango barbecue sauce was far more exciting than anything else she cooked because it had some interesting flavors going on, but I wanted her to do something more original with the meat than put it on nice brioche buns with some pickles.

I feel like she’s being forced into an overly bright, primary color dominated, bubbly corner demonstrated by her set, highlighted with the clothes she is wearing and underlined by the ridiculous, bordering on offense, introduction to her show. What, is she 5? Am I 5? Did I accidentally turn the channel to Nickelodeon and if so, is Aarti doing a cooking show for children? I know that she was the woman who always wore a flower in her hair, and smiled big a lot, I’d just like to see the hardworking, bright, successful woman she is shining through along with her cheer and bubbles. Above and beyond all that I’d like to see her cook more like she did on the Next Food Network Star, which is ironic because I thought that the prize was a show where you got to do exactly that.


5 Responses to “Aarti Party”

  1. I also watched the first Aarti Party. She was my favorite on Next Food Network star but her show was kind of a let down. I was hoping that at the end of the show, she would have friends or her beloved husband on the show to also taste the food, hence a party. I think the recipes were good and we have already put the mango barbeque on the list for next week’s menu.

  2. TV is fueled by personae, not people.


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