Healthiest Eats On The Run

Small tomatoes in Korea

Eat These Jewels on the Run!

The fall has started and for some of my blogger friends, fall really starts with a bang with New York Fashion Week. It’s easy to forget to eat right when running from event to event, not only at NYFW but also in all of our lives, and we can trap ourselves into not eating to the point of feeling starved. This not only wrecks havoc on our metabolisms but also opens the door for bad food choices. Grab some Ziploc bags, a knife and a cutting board. Here are some of the healthiest things that you can carry in that fabulous purse or amazing bag to feed your body and brain when on the go.

Fresh Fruit– the natural sugar gives your body raw energy and the fiber in fresh fruit allows your body to use that energy more slowly. Fresh fruit will also help keep you hydrated. Orange segments, watermelon chunks, bananas, grapes, berries and apple slices are all good options. Feel fancy? Pack of side of peanut butter in one of those plastic containers salad dressings come in for dipping apple slices in. You can carry dried fruit, but many brands add sugar to them. Also keep an eye on portion, because dried fruit has the same amount of calories as fresh fruit.

Fresh Vegetables– carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cherry tomatoes, colored peppers. Feel fancy? Pack a side of hummus for dipping.

Hard Boiled Eggs– Feeling fancy? Pack it in a lettuce leaf and eat it like a ‘wrap.’

Yogurt– make sure to buy an organic one without HFCS and stay away from the fruit at the bottoms, which are mostly just fruit syrups. Don’t feel like using a spoon? Grab a Ronnybrook drinkable yogurt. Neither will turn on you during your day, I promise.

Cheese– cube it and pack it or get string cheese.

Whole grain crackers

Nuts– which ever is your favorite. Remember ½ cup of nuts can have as much as 17 grams of protein!

Pickles– They are my favorite and their crisp, cool, crunchiness can be a welcome treat in a long day.

Clif bars or Kind Bars– if you want to carry an ‘energy bar’ or a granola bar try to get one without HFCS and one that is as raw as possible.

Water, water, water and more water– Feeling Fancy? Pack a flavored seltzer like my favorite Poland Springs Lime. Stay away from sodas or sugary drinks including fruit juices, which often have a lot of added sugar and will sugar spike and crash you, both will dehydrate you and we often mistake thirst for hunger causing us to overeat.

Worried about your breath after snacking? Carry a wisp! They are genius.

What’s your favorite healthy on-the-go snack?


3 Comments to “Healthiest Eats On The Run”

  1. I love when there is left over corn. On the cob. It’s great on the run.

  2. Love this post…and the idea of hard boiled egg wrapped in lettuce, creative 🙂 Plus a wonderful selection of quick snacks here…

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