Team Nom Nom Continues to Show Everyone Else How it is Done

The Nom Nom truck!

Team Nom Nom!

This weekends The Great Food Truck Race, is much more entertaining now that I am not watching it as a contest but just to see by how much Nom Nom is going to outsell and out maneuver everyone else.

This weekend the trucks headed to New Orléans, which as a drinking town is fertile ground for food trucks. They were given a 400 dollar start budget and told that not only would they get an extra 24 hours to sell their food but in this weeks ‘truck stop” (challenge) the winner would get a distinct advantage and all the losing teams will suffer a disadvantage. As the teams are driving away clutching their 400 dollars team Nom Nom tells the camera that they have a friend who lives in New Orléans who told them where to park, where the good bars are etc. Need I say more? I was only disappointed that the paparazzi weren’t waiting for them.

Team Nom Nom pulls up in front of the one of the most crowded and popular bars and serves a long line all night long. The next day rain is coming down in sheets and this causes some equipment issues/failures for both team Grill ‘Em All and team Austin Daily Press. Not team Nom Nom though, they roll up into a parking lot right across from a Pickberry and start a drive through so the customers don’t even have to get out of their cars. Brilliant. Night comes and team Nom Nom drives back to the bar they were parked in front of the night before to find the other trucks are already there. After a failed parallel parking attempt where they do slightly ram one of the other trucks, a teeny tiny crack appears in team Nom Nom’s armor but they pull it together and decide not only park in the same place as the other trucks, but to pass out coupons for a dollar off Nom Nom Banh Mi’s in the doorway of the bar. Interesting because they must have had them printed up before hand. I liked the recovery.

Then the truck stop call comes from Tyler Florence. He tells them that they have to stop selling right then, go to bed and meet him very early down by the docks. All teams are pretty upset that they have to stop selling with lines of people still in front of their trucks. Fair enough, since judgement is based on final sales.

After showing up at a warehouse early in the morning each team has to fillet one catfish and make a dish out of it in 30 minutes to be judged by Jacques Leonardi. The winner gets 500 dollars added to their till total and the losers still face some unknown punishment. These are the quotes for each teams dish:

Nom Nom: “The coolness of the salad went so well with the fish, which could have been cooked a little longer.”

Team Spencer: “…He’s definitely a French man, he doesn’t know how to cook grits…” Zing.

Grill ‘Em: “the smokiness of the grilling and the quail eggs were a nice touch, a little too tart.”

Austin: “ Interesting Combo, something got lost in the translation, the olive mayo was too sour.”

Team Spencer wins, and they get to take off and start selling with 8 hours left on the clock. The losing teams as a group have to fillet 700 pounds of catfish! Which takes them around 5 hours. Team Nom Nom races back to their Pinkberry spot to sell what they can in the remaining 3 hours, not that they needed to, they probably could have gone and taken a shower and a nap. Even with the catfish stealing 5 hours and the theft of their spot, team Nom Nom wins with total sales of 2,103, Grill ‘Em All comes in second with 1,307, Spencer On The Go comes in 3rd with 1,170 (500 hundred of which was given to them) and Austin Daily Press loses with $809. Again, team Nom Nom wins nearly 2:1!  Shocking and news breaking, I know.


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