The Good Food News

LA Times

Wishing That All of This Was Good News

This was a sparse week in good food news, folks,  but I did come up with a couple of pearls.

The fact that there are farmer’s like Tony Thompson from Minnesota out there keeps my hopes up. Mr. Thompson began to feel that his more conventional methods of farming were more destructive than felt right. He took it upon himself to change the way he farmed not only to care for his soil better but not to contribute to the growing dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Among other great things, he has installed an underground ‘bioreactor’ that eats the nitrates out of the water before they hit the lake, then the river and then finally the gulf. He thinks of his fellow farmers and fishermen as “neighbors” even though they are 1200 miles away and he is absolutely right.

Hold your breath, get ready for it…shockingly organic food is better for you. There is a nice, new, shiny study that supports what now should be the obvious notion that organic farming produces food with more nutrients for the people who eat it and for the soil itself. Snarky tone aside, the more studies we have like this at our fingertips the better for all of us who find ourselves in the discussions with people about the different methods of farming. This may only be good news for me because I can’t keep my mouth shut.  Knowledge really is power, wield it at will.

I learned about this great website on the kitchn and I thank them for the post. Real Time Farms is a local farmer’s market site that when you log in and type in your zip code the site sends you to a page where there are pictures of the nearest farmers market and a google map showing you where to go. The site also gives you a week-long schedule. If you know of a farm that isn’t listed, you can add it! Pretty awesome!

Inspirational person of the week is Helene York. This amazing Brooklyn transplant nails in this article that she wrote for Civil Eats why it is important to yell and demand sustainable seafood which she would know being the winner of the Seafood Champion Award. Her take no prisoners attitude is refreshing in an environment filled with so many wafflers. Thank goodness for her and the other people like her working tirelessly to make eating less dangerous for all the species involved.

If you see good food news during the week send me some, I could always use it!


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