This Week’s Recipes From Around The Web

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So Many Amazing Food Blogs!

This week recipes are all stunners. I was so excited by the results that I ate more than I needed to, but it’s hard to feel too badly because all the dishes were not only delicious but healthy.

The first one is a Scallion Ginger Sauce that I got from You Fed a Baby Chili? His tag line is: foodie daddy learns how to cook and he has a similar mental relationship to David Chang that I do. The recipe from his site is an adaptation of a David Chang sauce, but Mr. You Fed a Baby Chili is such a great writer and photographer that passing up the opportunity to look at his site would be a crime! The story that he told before the recipe involving his mother had me giggling out loud. This is my version of the dish that Mr. You Fed a Baby Chili made, and just for the record, I loved this sauce so much that I put it on an open-faced sourdough grilled cheese sandwich one night with a chopped tomato and extra sharp cheddar cheese and it was delicious.

Not As Pretty As Mr. You Feed A Baby A Chili's Picture!

Healthy Green Kitchen has this amazing recipe for Tomato Ginger Jam. The smell that this infused my apartment made me want to just have a continuous pot on my stove.

I Wish This Was a Scratch And Sniff

Ms. Healthy Green Kitchen is an amazing photographer and a great recipe writer, so her pictures of the tomato jam look way better than my own.

The only note that I would make is that I found a cup of sugar made the jam a little sweet for my taste, so when I make a new batch tomorrow, I’m going to half the amount of sugar, but if you like it sweet you are going to like the recipe just the way that it is.

Finally, I normally wouldn’t write about hummus because as delicious as it is, it’s hummus and most of us know how to make it. But I had fallen into the habit of buying it especially with the Sabra brand around. So, I did have to actually look up a recipe when I made it for the first time in years. What I like about Ms. Epicurette’s hummus recipe is that she used the water from the canned chickpeas to smooth out her hummus, which I thought was a genius and much more flavorful way then just regular water. I do recommend this recipe just the way it is.

Thanks to all three of you fantastic bloggers who made my week so flavorful! And as always, if you want me to try a recipe just let me know, there isn’t anything I won’t eat at least once.


4 Comments to “This Week’s Recipes From Around The Web”

  1. Thanks for the feature, Jennifer! I’ll definitely have to check the other two recipes…

  2. I fed my babies chilies, curries and other spicy concoctions and now they both have quite the discerning little palettes.

    Food concerns are just one of the many reasons we bought a farm this year. We hope to be able to produce at least 80% of our own food on our own land.

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