What’s The Good Food News?

Oak and Sugar Beet

Leave Our Beets Be!

It is easy to get buried in bad news and negative views, so every Saturday we here at Food Thinking bring a list of good food news.

The good food news so far this month is:

The Child Nutrition Act cleared the senate giving 4.5 billion dollars over ten years, the first increase in 30 years to improve school lunches across the country, increasing fruits, vegetables and whole grains while eliminating all junk food from vending machines. Thank you everyone for the stunning application of common sense.

We got the good news that though the toothless and useless USDA approved Monsanto’s genetically engineered sugar beets the approval was rescinded by a Federal judge. This is significant because the USDA and Monsanto have for too long been running wild with great damage to our environment, and it is good to know that at least one judge somewhere thinks that the USDA/Monsanto relationship is not only unethical but in fact illegal.

Though rife with all kinds of political quicksand, I do think that this next item is in fact good news. The USDA  approved a 20 million dollar pilot program that gives incentives to SNAP (formally known as food stamps) recipients for purchasing fruit and vegetables.

Grist ran this post that literally made me grin: The EPA in Northwestern Iowa is actually enforcing the clean water act for CAFOS there. Run off from CAFOS ultimately end up in our oceans, creating dead zones of poisoned water uninhabitable for fish.

And last but not least, CAFOS got another kick in the teeth with Ohio Farmers also bending to a compromise that was not just limited to livestock welfare issues (animals we eat) but also extended to dog breeding kennels, cockfighting (which most people pretend doesn’t exist) and dangerous and exotic animals. Which means they are willingly creating better living conditions over a fixed period of time. Our continued survival on this planet relies on the seemingly obvious notion that all creatures need to be treated with the humane respect that they deserve because clearly not having done so in the past is costly us dearly now.

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  1. Excellent post 🙂


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