Let GoodGuide Guide You!

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Even though GoodGuide is technically still in its beta stage, it’s growing up fast! GoodGuide is both a website and an iPhone app whose purpose is to rate food and other products in a 1-10 system with three major criteria in mind: health to us, as in our bodies, environmental health, the impact the product has on the earth including but not restricted to energy usage, and societal health, how well the company treats it’s employees, considering working conditions and benefits. Right now GoodGuide has 65,000 products in four major categories that it is rating, food, personal care products, household chemicals and toys. I sat on the website and typed in nearly everything that I have in my house. It’s seriously addicting because not only do you get the ratings of your already owned products, the site suggests other options for you that may be greener. And if you create an account on the site, you can keep you own favorites and products to avoid lists for easy reference.

Addicting as the website is, once you have the iPhone app you can literally run around and scan product barcodes to get the rating of the product you are considering buying! How long can one woman stand in the grocery store and scan barcodes?  A long time let me tell you. Honestly, it’s a brilliant iPhone app because it is hard to always remember which products are best, (particularly with so many labels claiming, natural, organic, green, clean status) and if you come across something that’s on sale but you can’t remember what you read about it, scan it, problem solved! Awesome. Seriously.

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